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Did Chanel just spill the fashion tea by announcing something we've all wondered about?

It's like they've whispered, "Our ultimate goal is to be so exclusive that only the truly special can grace our boutiques." 🤫💃

According to an enlightening article from BoF, Chanel is set to open stores exclusively tailored for VIP shopping. No need to rub shoulders with the masses or the hoi polloi anymore. These boutiques will be reserved for the crème de la crème of clients, the ones who spare no expense. Chanel's plan is to start rolling out these exclusive sanctuaries in Asia in 2023. One can only dream of the exquisite service and perks awaiting this elite clientele. 💼🌆

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To some extent, one could argue that luxury brands already practice a sort of stratification among shoppers. Pricing alone can have a similar effect, where some may think twice about visiting a store when the price tags reach stratospheric heights. It's like choosing between Whole Foods and your neighborhood grocery store; Whole Foods can be a bit too spendy. 💸🛒

But the issue runs deeper. Imagine how often newcomers to a brand like Chanel or Hermès might feel a touch intimidated when stepping into a boutique for the first, second, or third time. It's not always just about the prices; it's the aura, the imagined exclusivity, and that feeling of "Do I really belong here?" Or it's the frustration of stepping in and struggling to catch the attention of busy employees. 🏬🤷

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Yet, for the most part, stores don't typically shut their doors to anyone. It's true that the appointment system, born out of the pandemic (and likely here to stay in some form), may have thinned out the crowds eager to shop (or window shop), but it wasn't an outright ban. VIPs might bypass the lines outside to meet with their beloved sales associates, but the rest of us still had our turn to browse.

On the flip side, a store exclusively catering to big spenders or accessible by invitation only inherently seems discriminatory. It's like the famed "No soup for you" from the legendary Seinfeld TV show. Of course, there will be those clamoring for entry, arguing their case for eligibility or even willing to splurge a bit more for admission. 🍲🙅‍♂️

We've also caught wind of the notion of "tier spends" – specific spending thresholds to unlock perks like securing classic flap handbags, especially considering the recent revelation of new quotas. It's hardly surprising that Chanel's "quota" system might not treat everyone equally. 🎒💰

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So, dear fashion aficionados, how do you feel about this development? Do you aspire to be a VVIP or does the whole concept leave you unimpressed? Let us know your thoughts. 🗣️🛍️

We'll keep you in the loop as more news unfolds in this intriguing space. Stay tuned! 📰👀


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