Hermes Birkin Bag in Classic Tan Leather

Bob Chavez, Chief of the Americas at Hermès, has confirmed a strategic shift in the brand's approach, aligning perfectly with our previous reports. The essence of their latest strategy? Meet the customers where they are. This strategy is why Hermès is now expanding its boutique presence in smaller cities and suburban areas. 🌆🏡

Hermès USA President Robert Chavez


In an exclusive interview with Vogue Business, Chavez shared, "We've realized customers want that localized convenience." Hermès is actively exploring opportunities to open boutiques in what some might currently refer to as "Hermès deserts," such as Portland, Oregon, and Nashville, Tennessee. Chavez elaborated that they are strategically placing stores in "pockets of wealth" beyond major shopping destinations.

Furthermore, Chavez revealed that he has been steering the brand beyond its iconic Birkins, Kellys, and scarves. During the pandemic, Hermès observed a shift among local and regional customers who were unable to travel. They began investing in items beyond the core classics. It marked the rise of "chez Hermès" home decor trends.

Hermes Kelly Bag in Elegant Black Crocodile Skin

Image Credit: @christine_aestheticcredit

According to Vogue Business, this interview took place just before Hermès announced its Q1 2022 results. The financial figures perhaps unsurprisingly indicated a slowdown in growth in the Leather Goods and Saddlery category, which includes iconic pieces like Birkins and Kellys. Meanwhile, Hermès experienced substantial growth in ready-to-wear, watches, and other product lines.

What are your thoughts on Hermès bringing the Birkin and luxury to your local community? Do you prefer the idea of Hermès boutiques remaining exclusive shopping destinations, or do you welcome their expansion into smaller cities and suburbs? 🛍️🌆

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