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While you might not have snagged your dream Hermès bag yet, someone definitely did. 🌟 In the first quarter of 2022, Hermès boasts a remarkable 27% surge in sales revenues (all in current exchange rates), effortlessly surpassing the expectations of market analysts. Their official report gleams with these words:


"Sales were particularly dynamic in group stores, especially in America and Europe, driven by the acceleration in all the business lines and the sustained growth in Leather Goods."


Let's dissect this dazzling data, starting with geography. As indicated, the most remarkable revenue growth percentages for Q1 2022 compared to the same period in 2021 unfolded in Europe (soaring by a whopping 42%) and the Americas (escalating by a formidable 44%). A significant surge was especially observed in France (reported both independently and within the European group). Last year, the European revenue growth (including and excluding France) dipped due to the pandemic. With boutiques fully operational and tourists making a comeback, the European resurgence comes as no surprise. 🌍✨

Nevertheless, China (termed Asia, excluding Japan) didn't seize the revenue limelight this quarter, despite its steady 20% growth. It's worth noting that the March health restrictions and store closures in China did have an impact. Nonetheless, it's essential to remember that China's revenues overshadow all other regions, nearly tripling the sum of all European revenues.

Shifting focus to business lines, Hermès reports that its largest and beloved category, Leather Goods & Saddlery, witnessed growth, albeit the most moderate at 16%. Fear not, the revenue uptick is solid, yet when compared to other segments, it appears somewhat modest. This further underscores the unmet desires of those seeking a new Hermès handbag – the demand simply outstrips the supply. This is likely why Hermès is emphasizing its "increase in production capacity and sustained demand," alongside ongoing facility expansions. 🧡👜

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Interestingly, the trend of home decorating à la Hermès appears to have waned, at least in this quarter. Revenues in the "Other Products" category (comprising home goods and jewelry) rose by a respectable 11%. However, last year during the same period, these revenues skyrocketed by an astonishing 90%! 

This quarter, Watches, although among the smallest revenue groups after Other Products, experienced a remarkable 62% surge. The credit goes to the introduction of the new Arceau, Le temps voyageur watch, as it spurred impressive growth.

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Ready-to-Wear and Accessories reveled in a robust 44% revenue expansion, while Silk and Textiles enjoyed a 27% climb. Hermès' fashion offerings continue to reign supreme, extending well beyond the realm of handbags. 👗🧣

Looking ahead to the remainder of 2022, Hermès asserts:

"The impacts of the health context are still difficult to assess... [we] look to the future with confidence. In the medium-term, despite the economic, geopolitical, and monetary uncertainties around the world, the group confirms an ambitious goal for revenue growth at constant exchange rates."


Hermes Picotin Lock Tote in Deep Red

Image Credit: TheChicSelection.com

Do these results come as a surprise? Demand for Hermès products remains sky-high, but the handbag supply chain is feeling the strain; meanwhile, growth in China shows signs of deceleration. 🚀🌏

On the flip side, the scarcity of handbags has brilliantly propelled sales of Ready-to-Wear and Silks. Could this have been the game plan all along? Temporarily curtail handbag availability – as suggested by reports of quotas – until production catches up, while enticing consumers to explore other Hermès offerings. In other words, it's a win-win for Hermès as they broaden their customer base. 💼🌐

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