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Eagle-eyed fashion enthusiasts, behold! At the Hermès Fall/Winter 2022 Runway Show held on March 5, 2022, we were graced with the presence of six splendid new(ish) handbags. Among them, two shine as brand new creations, while the other four bear a striking resemblance to the iconic Kelly bag in various design elements, shapes, sizes, or details.

Live and in the flesh (yay for in-person events), Designer Nadège Vanhee-Cybulski unveiled the latest women's collection at Paris' magnificent Garde Républicaine.



Our top pick from the show takes on the form of a Kelly Sellier but with an exciting twist. It maintains the structured elegance of the Sellier Kelly while boasting exterior openings on both sides.

We've been informed by @speciale._ that this new gem is christened the "Kelly Sellier 20 en Desordre," belonging to the disorder series. The front exterior sports a plain flap attached at an angle, secured by a sangle and a touret, offering access to the bag's main compartment. The flip side, however, is even more captivating, featuring an outer pocket reminiscent of a Kelly pochette, similarly secured by a flap, a sangle, and a touret. From certain angles on the runway, it could even be described as a two-in-one Kelly bag.

Additionally, this bag flaunts a non-detachable shoulder strap. Like the Kelly Sellier, it proudly showcases four clou on the bottom. The bag appears to be approximately 25cm across the bottom, slightly shorter than the Kelly 25, and lacks a top handle.

On the runway, it dazzled in gold epsom leather with white contrast stitching, as well as black box or swift leather. We predict this bag will become an instant fan favorite. Rest assured, we will keep you posted on the official name as soon as we have it.

Hermes Cityback 27 Backpack in

Image courtesy of @malachinyc

The second newcomer bears a resemblance to the Kelly Danse, complete with a non-detachable shoulder strap. Worn crossbody and snugly across the chest during the show, it mirrors the size and structure of the Kelly Danse. Presented in black and etoupe smooth leather, we can imagine this beauty gracing us in seasonal hues as well.

The following Kelly-inspired bag takes the form of a rectangular-shaped Kelly wallet bag, much like the Kelly To Go. However, the primary difference lies in its thicker shoulder strap adorned with palladium equestrian details. It appears to share the same size as the Kelly To Go.

Hermes Mini Constance Bag in Vibrant Blue Jean Leather

Image courtesy of vogue.com

But our journey through Kelly-inspired models doesn't end there. Meet a new rectangular shoulder bag with a prominent zipper extending from end to end. One end features a captivating cutout detail that, though somewhat elusive on the runway, adds a touch of intrigue. A sizable leather zipper pull hangs from a ring. This exquisite creation was showcased in smooth leather, boasting white, black, and brown variations. Its size is akin to a Kelly pochette or slightly larger.

For enthusiasts of larger bags, there's no need to fret. We witnessed a more capacious design reminiscent of the Kelly 32 or 35. It boasts a larger, elongated top handle that can be comfortably worn on the shoulder. A lengthy zipper runs horizontally across the bag, encircling one side. An intriguing clochette dangles from the top handle, accentuating its charm. Like its counterparts, this bag also showcases four clou on the bottom.

The final addition to the lineup is a north-south mini rectangular-shaped bag featuring a handle. It boasts a contemporary H detail and a zipper running the length of the bag. We estimate its size to be approximately that of a long wallet.


Adding to the spectrum of diverse Kelly-inspired designs, we caught a glimpse of a fresh Birkin variation. The anticipated name for this piece is "Birkin 30 en Desordre," aligning with the disorder series, much like the aforementioned Kelly. We've also been informed of a "Bolide 25 en Desordre." Kudos to @speciale._ for sharing this insight.

With a half flap set at a diagonal angle and an exterior pocket, the Birkin underwent a magnificent transformation. It graced the stage adorned in gold togo leather on the body and swift leather on the flap and pocket. Although we didn't witness this Birkin in motion on the runway, it is likely to emerge as a limited edition take on the beloved classic Birkin.

In the eloquent words of @thebaghag, "these are Picasso-esque iterations of the maison's classics." Hermès continues to astonish us with each passing season, and we eagerly await each new creation.

Hermes Bolide 1923 Bag in Polished Black Leather

Images courtesy of @iamhearte

Hermes HAC Birkin in Rich Burgundy Leather

Images courtesy of @iamhearte

Stay tuned for more updates and thrilling revelations from the world of Hermès. These captivating additions to the Hermès handbag family are bound to elevate your style to unparalleled heights. Which one has captured your heart? Share your thoughts! 💬👜🌟

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